Does Social Media Really Pay Off for Businesses?

Most businesses can be found online through their website, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Even the larger companies are at it, the Facebook and Twitter logo are laced over adverts in magazines and on television encouraging us to like their business page. Hours can be poured into making a page look presentable with the associated business branding, photo albums, videos, built in apps, and interesting updates. Competitions are also a regular feature of business pages, which are run in order to attract more fans or followers.

However with all this time spent online on social media pages, is it actually benefitting the business enough to warrant the time? Or is it taking away time and effort which could be spent elsewhere more effectively?


  • You can reach audiences you might not reach through normal marketing techniques. Many people have one or more social media accounts, it is rare to meet anyone who doesn’t, by putting your business up on social media sites, you are opening yourself up to reaching these people.
  • You can interact with your audience instantly. This can be great for you to get to know your customers, and it can humanize your business.
  • You can gain valuable feedback about your services and products without having to do time consuming surveys.
  • You can update you page with company news and competitions. This is effectively an easy way to do a press release.
  • Social media is free to use, so apart from spending your time on it, there is nothing to lose.


  • It takes time to set up a well presented business page. The initial stage of inputting your branding, uploading photographs, and videos will take time to set up, which can steal your valuable time.
  • You have to regularly allocate time to update your page, respond to comments and think of interesting topics to post.
  • It can be difficult to obtain fans/followers other than your friends or family. It will take a lot of work to get your page noticed, and might even require expensive advertising.

Social media can be easily connected so you only have to update one of your business pages, and the same update will automatically post to your other pages. The initial time required will add up in the early stages. Once the ground work has been done, your page shouldn’t need as much of your time. There are also social media specialists who can build up your page and it’s following for you, to save you the hassle.

Social media is very beneficial for its cost free method to advertise your business. It is very much worth doing if you have a small business to promote. However you must be careful not to waste precious time. Your social media page doesn’t need to be visited every hour so make sure you aren’t constantly checking it and wasting time. Make your page interesting and attractive to those who might want to follow your success.

About the author: Kirsten works for WhoIsHostingThis? a web review and rating website. They allow businesses who are unsure of which hosting company to choose for their website, make a decission based upon what they read.

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