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November 29th, 2015
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How I Struggled to Find Keywords for Search Engines

Starting Out Wasn’t Easy

About two years ago, I got into the world of internet marketing. Honestly, I was all about the quick cash at first, so I delved into some Facebook advertising campaigns. While I did have some initial success, I didn’t like the inconsistency of my earnings. It got to the point where I lost my initial profits to constant failures of my following campaigns. That’s when some colleagues online suggested getting into search engine optimization (SEO) as it was more stable if done properly, especially in regards to finding the right keywords for search engines.

So I learned a lot through various forums and managed to set up some basic sites that made me a few thousand dollars last year over the holidays. That was great but short-lived because my rankings couldn’t hold up after the Christmas shopping rush. After analyzing the competition for these sites, I realized that with the amount of work I was doing, it just wasn’t enough for the type of competition I was going for.

Sure, I had my on-site SEO done properly, hitting upon all the major factors, but in order to really learn SEO for these small projects, I knew I had to spend more time on researching keywords for search engines. To start things off, I learned the basics of the Google Keyword Tool, even though it is really designed for researching data on Google Adwords campaigns. Then I used that in conjunction with Market Samurai. However, I felt I needed something with more features to satisfy my growing demands as a search engine optimizer.

Attempts at Branching Out

At first, I decided to give IMEye a shot, as it was recommended by some forum users online. They said it helped them find some easy to rank niches and keywords for building out AdSense sites. I wanted to go down the AdSense route just as a learning experience, as I know AdSense money isn’t long term when building out these tiny sites. My goal was to simply improve my SEO skills so I can later attack the more competitive niches.

Unfortunately, IMEye only gave exact monthly global monthly searches instead of local, which would help especially when making affiliate sites for programs in the United States only. In addition, most of the results were only good for people building sites in third world countries.

I turned to another group online and asked for suggestions on a great, all-around tool for finding keywords for search engines. While a few said to stick with the basics of the Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai combo, a good number of forum users suggested Precision Keywords.

Smooth Sailing

With Precision Keywords, I was able to automate the majority of the work for researching keywords for search engines. Rather than having to go from page to page, inputting and analyzing all sorts of data manually like with Market Samurai, this tool would take an initial keyword idea list I would submit and gather tons of keywords worth attacking.

If there was a particular level of difficulty I was looking for, I could have the tool filter only those keywords for me. This made my life so much easier and this keyword research process more enjoyable. In a short matter of time, I was creating these small, low competition AdSense sites that were ranking high, a good number of them hitting the #1 spot.

As a result, Precision Keywords has helped me hone my overall search engine optimization knowledge and skills. I’m currently attacking much harder niches which are more long term, so right now, there’s really no reason for me to go back to the crazy world of Facebook advertising.

Learn more about finding keywords for internet marketing. Stop by Tim Lewis’s site where you can learn all about finding keywords for internet marketing and what they can do for your search engine rankings.

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