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Websites are never the same, do not be fooled any bit. There will always be those websites with perform better than others because of having the best affordable web design methods. Does your website receive the many hits you want it to? If not then chances are there is somewhere you are going wrong.

Avoid fancy images

Fancy images only come into a website if necessary. Often times the websites needing lots of fancy imaging are those dealing with video games and other entertainment options. If you are building a web design for a business company, then images have no business there unless the client requires them. Fancy images reduce the potential of clients taking your website seriously.

Use light graphics on the background

Web graphics are a great idea in stepping up web appeal. It allows you to play with colors and come up with an attractive background to get the web visitor interested. But here is a quick tip, always make sure the background graphics reflect the content on the front. It won’t add to sense if you maximized on graphics and drown the entire web content to oblivion. Even if your content is built from the best affordable SEO, if the graphics don’t highlight the content you may get lesser hits than required.

How to handle ads

Building a great web design feature always requires you to think ahead. Picture how your website will be running ads on the web once it goes live. You don’t want commotion all over the page with advertisements overshadowing the real content on the page. Make sure to include a small corner section of the webpage on your web design which will be used to post ads. Alternatively you can settle for pop-up windows which you can control how they appear on the webpage.




Keep it simple

We do understand that the competition for appealing websites is high so you could be under pressure to think even further from the box. However, there is no need of trying out a web design that online users wouldn’t find readable. They say there is power in simplicity so keep it straightforward and follow all the rules. Just use the right colors to come up with something appealing and make sure to use affordable SEO tips that can win you rankings on Google. So be simple, it will pay eventually at the end.




Have you heard of favicons?

You probably have seen one; this is a small graphic image that appears at the top of the browser page you are in. Gmail has that trademark red envelope or ‘G’ that always sits on the top part of the browser. What purpose do they serve? Online users can easily bookmark your site and remember it for future reference. Whenever they go through their bookmarks, your favicon will always pop up to greet them and they are sure to visit that page again. However, make sure your favicon is exact as your logo or it uses the same colors as your website theme to avoid confusions.


These tips are your survival key to web design and you can actually build a highly selling website from them.

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