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If you are unsatisfied with how your search engine optimization strategies are working out, then this would be a very good time to do a review and get the results you desire. It is best to make a review now so as to carry out any changes you might need to before the year runs out.

In this article, we shall be reviewing the best search engine optimization tools that every small business should put into consideration which can aid in enhancing their marketing strategy in these final months of the year.

Listed below are some of the best SEO strategies available which are certain to provide you with the results you require.

They include:


  • Google Search Console
    If you are serious about carrying out SEO research, then this is a must-have for you. It was previously called Google’s Webmaster Tools. Along the line, there have been some issues as a result of this because the move was made to HTTPS, but the present iteration is remarkable.One of the remarkable areas of this tool is to get news and update straight from Google. If there is something wrong with your content or website, you will be directly notified by Goole which is a remarkable tool to possess because a very massive part of search traffic is coming from Google itself.Other significant parts are search analytics. While other tools for SEO can make available keyword changes and positioning on the long run, attaining the information straight from Google is extremely useful. A lot of other tools do not offer the richness offered by Google.°This tool will offer you with keyword-precise information which includes;°Average click-through-rate (CTR)°Manual actions were taken by Google°Total number of impressions°Total number of clicks°Mobile usability°Manual actions were taken by Google°Accurate depiction of links to your site
  • Google Analytics
    So far, Google Analytics has been a very valuable source of information to any SEM or SEO. This software permits you to have in-depth access to your traffic details. It also provides you with a deep view of visitor information, not only information about how they visited your site but also on how they interact with your website. You will be able to see all the things they did on your site and the circumstances of their leaving your site.Crucial information that I have been able to benefit from this service include; the average time spent on a page coupled with the average session. Both details are highly important. Google is on the lookout for content that stimulates the interests of users a lot, and by finding out how long a user or site visitor spends engaging with your content, you can determine the usefulness of you content to your users.
  • SEMRush
    This is another useful software that is highly important to marketers for optimizing their online content. One of the best features about the SEMRush is the keyword position changes. You can get information on keywords and their changes in rank or position, the losers, and gainers, details that are not comprehensively available from Google’s Search Console.Using this tool with other tools such as Search Console and SEO Quake guarantees you an effective way to help you rank keywords.
  • SEO Quake Tool
    It’s available as either a plug-in or an extension, depending upon what browser you’re using. The best part about this is that It gives you x-ray vision into Google’s SERPs. You can see the domain’s age, authority, and other trust factors that include links to the domain and the page itself.The tool is simple and easy to install. Best of all, it’s free. However, it is a gateway to the SEMRush system, another great tool, which offers a paid service but can also be used for free in a limited sense.
  • PageSpeed
    In recent times, Google has become intensely interested in some major things. Top of the list is mobile responsiveness or compatibility. After this comes, average loading time of your page (speed). When designing your website, you should ensure that you incorporate the use of responsive design and a content distribution network like Amazon’s AWS or any number of others out there, which will be beneficial in ensuring your page loads faster.Tools like Google’s PageSpeed or GTMetrx and Pingdom are great resources for grabbing deep information into both mobile responsiveness and page load speed from the server. On the issue of page speed, the server is not the only factor to consider, and there are some other crucial factors to consider which include:° Browser Caching° HTML minimization° JavaScript and CSS minimization° Blocking the rendering of CSS and JavaScript
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    One of the most effective means of determining search volume is the Google Adwords software. Although it does not give sufficient data on the competitiveness of a specific search. Irrespective of the fact that this software has a section for competition when using it as a research tool, it only shows bidding data on a keyword, not its competitive rank.As a result, SEO Quake’s keyword difficulty metric is a relatively effective tool to use, but it is only Google-made software that can provide specific numerical data for this type of research. Thus the crucial need to utilize SEO Quake when researching your keyword to determine its competitiveness.To do your research, once you have logged into Adwords and created an account, view the settings section and navigate to the keyword planner section. Type in your keyword, and you will get a picture of the search volume of any particular keyword online. Note that you won’t get a specific number, but an estimate, this is so as to prevent people from manipulating the process.




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